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Hassan Minhaj Roasting Modi Is The Best Thing Of The Day!

Today is all about Hassan Minhaj.The Indian created and located to America comedian has been the app...
 Monday 18 March
Sadly, we're back yet again with the most devastating news of the day. The deadly massacre ...
 Friday 15 March
TV lovers, get ready as we have not 1 but 2 news so far to cheer you up with details. One: we h...
 Wednesday 13 March
Everyone loves TV, movies and all such entertaining aspects. However, the most important part o...
 Wednesday 13 March
What could be the worst problem of a guy’s life?Precisely apart from achi shakal, akal and nau...
 Thursday 7 March
Meri pyaari behnoun aur hadharaam bhiyoun!Aaj ka topic ye naacheez discuss krnaa chaah rhi hee aroun...
 Tuesday 5 March