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26 Ways to Make July Environment-friendly

It’s never too late to change your habits and contribute positively towards the environment. 

Plastic-Free July is a Non-Profit Charitable organisation in Australia that has encompassed 150 countries across the world in its vision of ensuring plastic-free waste. A set-up established in 2011 aspires to create a cleaner and healthier world for the generations to come.  

Their yearly global campaign of “PLASTIC FREE JULY” encourages people to avoid the use of plastic. This practice will make people realise that through some mutual efforts we can surely achieve something great!

A few easy and attainable ways to adopt this are: 

1. Replace plastic straws with paper or bio-degradable ones 

2. When planning a picnic, using your regular dishes and cutlery is a better option than using the disposable plastic utensils and plates

3. Aluminium foils are better than cling films for sure


4. Keep a stock of cloth or reusable bags so that plastic bags become out of question

5. Say no to pre-packaged food


6. Try making your bin liner with recycled newspapers 

7. Carry along a refillable water bottle which can be used in replacement of plastic ones.

8. Carry a reusable container to the meat shop so that your butcher doesn’t wrap your share in plastic bags 

9. Choose a waffle cone when purchasing ice-cream and not plastic cups

10. Cloth napkins are the best as tissues might be packed in something that involves plastic 

11. Make use of up-cycled jars for food storage and lunch packing in daily routine

12. Bar soaps are eco-friendlier than body washes

13. Bamboo sticks over plastic toothbrushes

14. Girls only: During the special days try using reusable pads, menstruation cups or liquid-proof underwear

15. Mommies may opt using washable nappies instead of disposable diapers for their babies 

16. Wash your cotton pads after one use for another round 

17. Try purchasing cotton buds that are made with paper sticks instead of plastic 

18. Body brushes are a preferred option than exfoliating body washes

19. Organic coconut oil available in glass jar works best as a body moisturizer and eye makeup remover.

20. Men only: safety razors to be replaced with plastic ones 

21. Shop in stores and not online 

22. When shopping online, place order for all items once rather than numerous small ones. 

23. Balloons and glitter a big no in party decors 

24. Choose products packed in recyclable material or glass while shopping 

25. Remember to use your own headphones wherever you travel 

26. Look for reusable food storage bags 

Surely, together we can make this world a better place to live in for us and our upcoming generations! Then why not to start today?

“Eating plastic animals died, seeing plastic nature cried. So say no to plastics!”

So, let’s endeavour to save our “Mother Earth”. 

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