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13 Thoughts You Have When You're The Dulhan's Bestfriend

You're bestfriend's wedding is something you will remember for the rest of your life. It can be just as overwhelming for you as it is for her and you go through an entire emotional journey which no one but only you can understand. 

13. Realizing she’s officially taken! 

Matlab abhi tak yakeen nahi ara. 

Rukhsati ke baad bhi nahi ana.

12. I have to look the bombdotcom

I’m the dulhan’s bestfriend sab ki nazrein mere par hi honi hain

Bebo main bebo.......

11. Can’t handle sharing her

And so you have a love hate relationship with the guy.

10. Being kabab main haddi unapologetically 

They probably hate you for third wheeling all their dates

Atleast he does..

9. But first things first you need to plan a bachelorette 

And a bridal shower, a slumber party, 1000 dholkis and what not!

Probably their honeymoon and family planning too.

8. You have to make sure the dances are better than the dulhay walay

Whatsapp group se leke choreographer bannay tak sab karna hoga.

And ager koi time par naa aya…

7. Make sure you buy her the naughtiest wedding gifts


Because who else would? Hain?

6. My name is Sheila, Sheila ki jawani…

Dancing on this and 3000 other songs because sabne mujhe hi tou dekhna hae

5. Jootachupai

Giving jootachupai threats to her miyan to be..

I’m giving you my bff dude…..show me the money

4. Crying at her Nikkah and even more at her Rukhsati

I’m choking. *Cries a river*

Mujhe pata hi nahi tha I can be this emotional.

3. Realizing you’re gonna be next

And all the dulha’s friends got their eyes on you

And ofcourse you have a free pass at this wedding atleast....hehe

2. Wondering if you can still walk in at her place tomorrow mun utha ke?

Uski saas mujhe judge tou nahi karae gi?

Uske ghar walay mujhe homeless samjhay gay.

1. You know you will still end up at her house the next day because ek hazaroun main meri behna hae....

You can't imagine a day without your bestgirl!

Andofcourse bring on some chai and sasural gossip!

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