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15 things to love about Dolly k ayegi baraat drama series

Pakistan has a very appealing culture and drama industry which has been beautifully featured in the blockbuster drama series Dolly k ayegi baraat brodcasted on Geo TV.

The drama series is a treat to watch that highlights love, friendship and humour. 

1. The beautiful love relation of Aazar and Silla and the incidents of their roller coaster relation sparks warmth 

2. The powerful role of Samina Ahmed as Nani who wisely binds the whole family together 

3. Nani’s never-ending love for her granddaughters and her friends is influencing 


4. The re-bonding of Faraz Sahab and Rebiya who gets expectant with a baby 

5. The most hilarious character Saima Chaudhry – Faisalabad k mashhorr fashion designer is an irresistible part of entertainment 

6. How Saima Chaudhry gets carried away with the famous film star Faraz Sahab who is her Samdhi 

7. On the contrary, Saima Chaudhry reveals her hidden love for her husband when he gets involved in another lady Malka Rani 

8. The bonding of Silla and her friends and how they support each other in every matter of life recoils the viewers 

9. The drama gets more exciting when new love relations develop like Sukaina gets involved with Mushtaq. It is a beauty to witness opposite cultures people unite into love and marriage relations. 

10. The charming family get together ignites a flare of happiness among viewers. The beach picnic, friends' shopping and outings are a few examples.

11. The drama also underline the beautiful relation of mother and daughters especially when Saima Chaudhry supports her daughter in marrying Nabeel which was the twist of the story.

12. The passion of Saima Chaudhry to become a designer is highly inspirational. Despite of her paindo background she is thrilled in competing the elite fashion industry of Pakistan 

13. The struggles of Saima Chaudhry to reform her family. How she fights with Malka Rani and Neetu is quite heartwarming 

14. The lovely feelings Saima Chaudhry has for Silla’s friend laila as an ideal bahu adds on more excitement and humour 

15. The thrilling dhol dhamaka on marriage occasions is a simple delight to watch on the TV screen 

And the fun continues in Taakay k ayegi baarat and Aanie k ayegi Baraat……….

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