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17 Rules Meghan Markle Has to Follow Now that She’s a Royal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding created a lot of buzz and was the most covered and talked about event of this month. People were happy that how an ordinary girl managed to marry a prince. But most people don’t know that becoming a part of royal family is not a fun. It comes with a lot of responsibilities, duties and rules that you can’t break at any cost. Now after marriage, Meghan Markle has to follow these royal rules in order to remain Queen’s good books. And here are the seventeen rules the recently appointed Duchess of Sussex will have to follow:

1. No Selfies

The royal family has a rule that you can’t take selfies with fans and people around. This was created in order to allow people to make eye contacts with the royals and don’t turn their back when they take selfies. Meghan has also confessed that she was not allowed to take selfies during her first official visit with Prince Harry. 

2. No More Autographs

As we know Meghan was a former celebrity and has huge fan following so she never hesitated giving autographs. But this is not the case anymore and she will not be allowed to give any autograph as a princess. 

3. So Long Social Media

Meghan was active on social networking sites and has a huge number of fans to the date as well but she will not be using those anymore. She even had to quit her blog and all social media account. Now the updates about her and Prince Harry will be shared through official Kensington Palace account. She can’t have her own social media pages or account so her blog is dark since the last year.

4. No Dark Nails

The Royal Family has a rule that you can’t wear black or coloured nails. Previously, Meghan might have done such things but at her wedding she used a colour that was Queen’s favourite and she will not wear any other colours in future.

5. Travelling with Mourning Clothes

All the royal family members are supposed to travel with a set of funeral clothes in order to be respectful. This all started when the then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip travelled from Africa to England in regular clothes after King George’s death.

6. Perfecting the Curtsy

The Queen expects female members of royal family to curtsy whenever they enter a room in her presence even though it’s not an official visit. So Meghan will also be following this rule and the Duchess will have curtsy to anyone who outranks her title.


7. No More Miniskirts 

The Queen highly disapproves miniskirts and other female members of the royal family know that very well. Now it’s time for Meghan to brace herself for saying no to such miniskirts. 

8. No Crossed Legs

Royal family members don’t cross their legs and you might have never seen Kate doing anything like this. It’s time for Meghan to practice this rule.

9. No Wedges 

Simply, the Queen doesn’t like wedges so Meghan will have to throw away if she has any. Kate used such shoes but you will not see them wearing in front of her royal highness.

10. Dinnertime is 20:30

The Queen strictly adheres to her royal schedules so Meghan will have to take care of this rule as well.

11. No Seating Choices

Whenever Meghan is in any royal gathering or event, she will have to sit next to Prince Harry. No more seating options at all.

12. Entering Rooms in a Particular Order

The royals have a rule on how you will enter when you are with the royals. Here’s the royal order: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry and then Meghan.

13. Eating Depends on the Queen

This is somehow a very strange rule and it says that Meghan can’t start eating before the Queen begins her and she will have to stop eating even if there’s food in the plate when the Queen stop eating.

14. No Sleeping Until the Queen Sleeps

If the royal couple is staying at Queen’s House, they will have to sleep after the Queen falls asleep. It’s considered a bad omen to sleep before her majesty hits the hay. 

15. Do not Pass Go

This could be quite an unusual rule but Monopoly is not allowed. 

16. Pinkies to Stay in

Tea time is important in the royal family and there is a royal way how you hold the tea cup. Also, you will have to sip from the same spot the entire time so that the cup doesn’t get lipstick spots. 

17. No Shellfish

An old royal tradition requires you to say no to shellfish in order to avoid food poisoning.  Many royal family members might not have followed this rule but Queen never touched the shellfish.

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