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4 Things A Groom Goes Through Before His Wedding

The wedding season norm usually revolves around the panics of the bride, with the groom and his preparation going unnoticed, because apparently they have it "easy". HOWEVER, that is not true. After all, a wedding isn't complete without a groom (all dressed up!) . Today, we will tell you 4 things that a groom goes through before his wedding.  "Dulha bhi toh chaana chahiye!!"


One of the most looked for dress is the ever-famous SHERWANI, which a dulha dons on his baraat day. A dulha without a sherwani is just like a biryani without a boti. (Is it a bit mismatched match? Who cares? Sherwani is a must.) This is how important a sherwani is. Dulha hou ya na, sherwani zaroor honi chahiye. 

Sherwani itself comes with a lot of baggage along with it; "Sherwani ka size sahi rakhna, Sherwani ka color ziada dark nahi hona chahiye." OH and, don't forget the complementary KULLAH, without which the sherwani is incomplete. A matching sherwani with a simple yet mesmerising kullah will definitely make it hard for the guests to take off their eyes of the dulha. (Yes, that true! Sirf Dulhan ko nahi dekhna hota, Dulha bhi!)


Dressing up isn't the only thing that the dulha needs to worry about. Haircuts, beard trimming and a facial is another gruesome decision for the husband to be. I mean, you only get married once, right? (Hmm, that's a rather diplomatic statement, no?) You wouldn't want your wedding pictures to remind you of a haircut that you regret and MOST IMPORTANTLY a haircut which your wife-to-be wouldn't approve of, especially for your wedding day. (Isliye kehtay hain shaadi kaafi responsibilities ka kaam hai!)

Like the bride, even the groom goes through a rigorous and forceful session at the salon before showing up at the venue.  The bride might go through the ubtan-facial routine, but the same goes for the Dulha too! 


Pre-wedding jitters is considered a norm, be it the groom or the bride, there comes a time for both right before they sit on the stage that thoughts begin to arise in their minds. Various thoughts come in ranging from the fact that they will be sharing every aspect of their life with someone else, from this point onward, to the fact that added responsibility comes for both the bride and the groom. For the groom it is all about whether the job, the salary and the house would be enough or not for the bride, while for the bride matters such as fitting in and managing with what the husband provides come into mind. 

Kiya ye bistar pay ziada jaga toh nahi le ga? " type thoughts.

Hopefully, these all are just assumptions which can be erased away, because the connection makes the whole marriage complete and makes everything worth surviving and worth fighting for. 

4.  WHAT IS THE PLAN? Mission ABORT or  WHAT! 

Life after marriage is another hurdle, which can be crossed if the proper discussions and plans are made before hand. It is extremely important to sit down with your significant other and go through the important things. A few of those items include : Bachay chahiye? If yes, then how many and when? How will we budget? Where do we live? The life goings of both their in laws.

Going through these things could give a clear image about where the marriage will head towards and what it may seem like. While many couples shy away from these discussions, it is the responsibility of the groom to make sure he brings up these things in front of his bride before hand. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO PRE-WEDDING JITTERS!!

ANYWAY, keeping the serious stuff aside, A WEDDING IS ONE EVENT IN A PERSON'S LIFE WHICH GIVES HIM SUCH IMPORTANCE (Jo shaed kisi aur din na milay :p) SO, FORGET ALL THE TENSION RELATED STRESS (Yeah!) and ENJOY THIS FUN NIGHT THAT YOU'RE GOING TO BE HAVING and CHILL as people come and stare at you with weird looks on their faces. GOOD LUCK!

ALTHOUGH, Don't worry! We've got you covered with all your wedding related essentials! The Pakistan Wedding Show is right around the corner (Oh, that's 11th and 12th August) at the Expo Centre Lahore, Johar Town. It has everything you need for YOUR big day or any one YOU know who's getting married. A one stop place for all your needs. See you there so you don't have to go through all the above mentioned problems! 

Signing off,
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