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5 desserts under RS. 500 you need to try in Lahore

We live in a time where even the simplest fun outing will cost minimally 2000 rupees and even that would only be possible if you really follow a strict budget. So, money has become everything and in such times, it is virtually impossible for people who are low-earners or students with a limited pocket money to go out and have a good time. But hey wait! Lahore is all about staying Zinda Dil so you don’t need to lost hope too! If you have a sweet tooth and tiny budget; you can still find wonderful things to eat in Lahore. We are talking about the sweet desserts that are well under 500 rupees but taste absolute heavenly!

1. Yousaf Falooda, Old Anarkali

Nothing can beat a yummy, rich, creamy, sweet and thanda thanda Falooda in the hot summer days! It is dessert at its best. You can trust to find the best food in Lahore and Yousaf Falooda is a prime example of it. Located in Old Anarkali, you can get a bowl full of sweet richness with double kulfi only in 160 rupees! Don’t underestimate its size by its price. We bet you will not be able to finish it on your own unless you are big foodie!

2. Chaman Ice Cream

Lahore and Chaman Ice Cream have a decades old relationship. If you are in your 20’s you can proudly say it has been around all your life because it really has! Chaman Ice Cream is the traditional twist on ice cream with desi nuts and crunch of all sorts. The best part is you get one scoop under 100 bucks and there is the widest range of all sorts of flavors to choose from as well.

3. Khalifa ki Khattaiyan

Khattai (plural: Khattaiyan) is a palm-sized biscuit that is made of koya, pista, badaam and all the other desi things. It is definitely high in calorie count but one Khattai with a cup of tea is true bliss. Lahore has the best khattaiyan in the country at Khalifa’s. It is located in the androon Lahore.

4. Baba Jee ki Kulfi

Located right on the lane parallel to Ichra Bazaar, Baba Jee Ki Kulfi is a sweet lover’s delight. Rich, creamy, yummy and cheap: the best combination you could ever ask for! It is so good that we bet you cant have just one

5. Qasre-Shirin ki Mithai

Qasre-Shirin was most probably the official mithai sponsor at your parent’s wedding and was most probably distributed at time of your birth. It is THAT old. But old is gold and that you realize when you get to eat the Desi Ghee Mithai from Qasre-Shirin. Located somewhere in the Old Anarkali near Androon Lahore, it has the best barfis, gulab jamuns and its ladoos are to absolutely die for.

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