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5 foods pregnant women should avoid during first trimester

Having a baby is the most wonderful and life-changing journey for any woman. Every woman is believed to dream of becoming a mother one day. In Pakistan, young girls are always taught to play ‘Ghar Ghar’ or ‘Gurya ki Shaaadi’ in their childhood which aspires them to believe in the institution of marriage and having a family from a very young age.

Every 9 out of 10 Pakistani girls are believed to get pregnant within the first year of their marriage. The concept of delaying having a baby is unpopular and hard to be appreciated in our society. Hence the couples area already willing to become parents by the time they get married.

Unfortunately, the rate of natural miscarriages is fairly high in Pakistan. This is a sad fact but true. The lack of awareness amongst women in general about their internal health is evidently one of the primary reasons behind unwanted miscarriages.

Pregnancy apparently is a 9 month journey but the body needs to be prepared and nurtured for the first trimester even before you conceive. The first trimester i.e. the first 3 months of pregnancy are crucial. Even one wrong footstep can lead to a miscarried baby which is only a cell in this stage in form of fetus. 

In Pakistan, women are lucky to have their adults like mothers, mother-in-laws and other older relatives to guide them through the early phase of this critical time. However, you will only hear things like

Don’t wear heels!

Don’t sleep in this position

Don’t walk to fast

Don’t allow anything to make physical contact with your belly

Don’t engage in sexual intercourse 

Eat for two so that is 2 of everything from roti to pizza slices and never miss your milk too!

Well, these are the usual things that you get to hear. But how many times have you heard someone make you sit down and list the foods that make you miscarry faster than you blink? Read ahead to find out about the 5 foods that you should NEVER  have throughout your pregnancy and most particularly during the first trimester!

1. Green Tea

Green Tea; you drink it to lose weight because it has all the essential ingredients that help you burn body fat. You don’t need to burn fat or even allow anything to target your fat cells during pregnancy. Green Tea is hence off the list.

2. Cinnamon

DO you like your cinnamon rolls with sugar icing? Or may be a cup of cinnamon and honey water before bed to aid digestion? Well, you will have to bid goodbye to all that because Cinnamon works on raising your internal body temperature which is not an ideal state for a child to grow.

3. Green Papaya

There are two kinds of Papaya; the sweet and soft yellow Papaya and the raw green papaya. This we are sure you must have heard from your elders or at least heard in an Indian drama. Green Papaya is commonly known to induce bleeding at early pregnancy stage.

4. Ginger

As much as Ginger is important for your body and immune system, it is not the best choice to make when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. It again is thermogenic and works on increasing the internal body temperature.

5. Pineapple

Shocked to hear this one? Well, Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C. In fact, it is jam packed with Vitamin C. AS much Vitamin C is important for your body, it is not ideal in pregnancy because it flushes out water because of being  diuretic in nature.

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