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5 Most Anticipated Smartphones Coming in the 2nd Half of 2018

2018, so far, has been great when it comes to release of some flagship smartphones. The competitive industry of smartphones brings the most innovative, secure and best possible devices for the users. TCL’s Blackberry Key2 was the latest entry in the market.

All the tech giants are bracing themselves to launch their latest smartphones. Samsung is working on Galaxy S10 while Google is getting ready for Pixel 3 series and Apple will also introduce more iPhones in X series. Reports also suggest the US-based tech giant is all set to release a cheaper version of iPhone X that will come with the design of iPhone SE.

This competition suggests a lot and we can expect to have some best flagship devices with us by September of 2018. From LG to Motorola to HTC to Apple to Samsung — many brands are looking to make noise with their next devices, too. Here’s a look at what’s coming up and what we know about 2018’s hottest smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 is the most awaited smartphone of 2018. It was expected to release early but the company’s VP wanted further tweaks in the design, leading to delay in the launch of the phone. As reports suggest, the Note 8 successor will have thinner bezels, will be light in weight and may come with a better software.

The most recent leaks reveal the new Galaxy Note 9 will be launched on August 19. It was also reported the latest device by Samsung will outperform Galaxy S9 Plus in camera and may have a better image capturing quality.

Note 9 is rumored to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip-set that shows the phone will be even faster than most of the flagship devices in the market. With all the rumors, leaks and reports the users can expect the finest smartphone of 2018 by Samsung in the last weeks of August.


iPhone Xs, iPhone 9 and iPhone SE 2

Every year, Apple announces its new smartphones in September. This year, as the leaks and rumors claim, Apple will announce multiple iPhones. If reports are true, we will have three new iPhones this year. First, iPhone X with OLED display, iPhone 9 with LCD display but design similar to that of iPhone X and the third will be an iPhone SE 2 with smaller size but may feature iPhone X design and most of the specs.

The new flagship phones and mid-range devices by Apple will feature the latest iOS 12 that has a number of cool and exciting features when compared to the old iOS 11. Another leak also suggest, the next iPhone X may feature three rear camera and if it happens, Apple will be the 2nd brand to introduce a phone with triple camera after Huawei.


Oppo Find X


Oppo is gearing up to launch its first flagship device after 2014 when it released Oppo Find 7. The new phone by Oppo will be Oppo Find X and it will feature some exciting and cool features.

The leaked images show the phone features a vertically arranged dual camera without any rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Back panel of the phone has a sky star texture with a small-sized notch in the top edge of display.

 If the rumors are true, Oppo Find X will support 3D facial recognition, that’s only present in Apple’s iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi 8. With this leak, the phone may come with a wide-notch like the ones in iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi 8 to support the complex set of face scanning sensors.

Pixel 3 and Pixel XL


Google may be following the footsteps of Apple and may launch three new variants of Pixel series. The thin bezel and notch first introduced in iPhone X have become immensely popular and Google has also planned to release its new Pixel series flagship devices with a notch, thinner bezels and OLED display.

The new phones by Google will be named as Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and a mid-range phone may be termed as Phoenix. The mid-range smartphone by Google will come with a smaller display design, Snapdragon 710 chip and will be launched in the annual event of Google by the end of 2018.

Pixel 3 series flagship devices may also feature the Active Edge feature. This feature was first provided in Pixel 2 phones and the feature used pressure when users squeeze the sides of the phone and turned that pressure into actions, whether to launch an app or put the phone on silent.


Huawei Mate 11 Pro

Like other smartphone brands, Huawei has a number of flagship phones to release in 2018. As far as the reports concern, it has been learned Huawei will launch its Mate 11 Pro by November 2018. The phone will feature the best design following the success of Mate 10.

Mate 11 may comes with dual camera, Qualcomm ultrasonic scanner, thinner bezels, bigger OLED display and 4000mAh battery. The rumours specs will make a great phone. Additionally, Huawei has also announced to use its scary technology GPU Turbo in its flagship devices. If this is the case, the new Mate 11 Pro will have 60% faster performance with 30% lower power consumption. 


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