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5 secret aspiration of living a celebrity’s life

Are you inspired by celebrities? Here is the secret of living a celebrity inspired life. 

  1.  Get a twitter

    Celebrities are always fashionable and right now there is nothing more in than being on Twitter, the micro-blogging service that allows you in to post catchy messages to reveal to the world how cool and awesome you are. 

  2. Be extravagant

    Normal people rarely become famous. You have to get out of the normal state and adopt an extravagant lifestyle to differentiate yourself from the common people so that they aspire to be like you.                                                                            
    3. Ambiguous
    The most  renowned celebrities of American film industry have established a successful career through placing several nationalities to hitch many racially ambiguous roles.                                                                                                                                                    
    4. Marry and divorce 
    Few things sell more than a wedding and among them is a divorce. If you do not forget that your spouse has to be more famous than you are, then create a spin and ride a roller coaster but at your own risk!!!!                                                                                    
    5. Give your children celebrity names
    Name your children after a celebrity or their children. To be famous you should not choose an ordinary name for your child because this would make you lose the chance of being “exclusive”                                                                                 


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