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Every girl, at least once in her life, has planned her dream wedding. From the perfect styling to the picture-perfect jora, it all looks like something out of a fairytale. Then you snap back to reality and realize that there is still the good, the bad and the ugly beyond the glitz and glam. Here are 5 things women go through before getting married:



Shopping for clothes and jewelry is hectic. This includes the endless hours of shopping at Anarkali and the day and night hustle of finding the right dresses for “bari”. When it comes to the actual Bridal Dress – even that’s not a problem! But it goes without saying that the biggest issue is “LARKAY WAALAY KESA WALIMAY KA DRESS BANWAYEIN GEI?” “ARTIFICIAL JEWELLERY TOU NAHI HO GE?” “GANDA BANA TOU SAB KAHEIN GEI SUSRAAL PAINDU HAI!” Let us ladies join in congregation and pray that none of us has to live through the phrase, “Shaadi say pehlay itna torture hai, toh shaadi keh baad kitna hoga?”



Having the perfect photoshoot is everything that a girl could dream of! But finding the perfect photographer can be a massive struggle. “If they’re too expensive, are they even worth it? If they’re too cheap, are they even good at it?  Will my photos get the likes and heart reacts on my Instagram and Facebook?

The hassle behind getting the right place or background for the ideal photoshoot never goes unnoticed and is one of the biggest tensions a bride-to-be has to go through.  

“What if they only capture my ugly angles?” “What if I don’t look like the flawless bride I had imagined myself to be?”

This brings us to problem #3.


YouTube makeup tutorials have raised our expectations of how our makeup should look like. “Will my foundation be too cakey? Will the makeup artist blend it right?” Not to mention the biggest issue – is it even worth paying tens of thousands for makeup that lasts only a few hours? Relying on someone for your big day that too without knowing how your makeup will turn out to be is one of the obvious risks a bride has to take.

But in the end what matters is looking picture perfect and (let’s not forget) that is only possible by the art that we call MAKEUP!



We live in an age where fancy backdrops and magical entrances render more importance to the event than the customs and traditions of the wedding itself. Every bride wants a mesmerizing entrance with pyrotechnics on the side as she walks hand in hand with her husband, with her favorite entrance song playing in the background. The stage decorated with elegant and bright florals paired with beautiful lights and chandeliers completes the perfect event look that she has always wanted.



Having the perfect playlist on your wedding is everything to get you in the shaadi feels! All the hit Bollywood songs, dance numbers and Pakistani bhangras are a must for bomb wedding dances! Just imagine someone playing your worst breakup song as the entrance song to your big happy day?

If you or some other bride-to-be is going through the same struggles, you know where to go. The Pakistan Wedding Show is the perfect platform that you need! From Fashion designers to home goods & furniture, from caterers to Limo services, find all your wedding related essentials all under one roof! So keep your pre-wedding trauma aside and mark your calendars for the 11th and 12th of August to get all that you need at the Expo Center, Lahore.

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