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6 Rules of Healthy Lifestyle That Don’t Work Anymore

Time is gone when certain practical lifestyle hacks were effective for humans. Now most of the basic and old practice are becoming just a memory and accepted truth. In the past, credible studies supported certain myths and they all of sudden became a norm. People followed the so-called research studies to inculcate changes and improve their lifestyles. But these days, all such tricks are obsolete and don’t work anymore. 

A healthy life is the product of multiple ingredients and a single mistake may result serious harm to your health. To help people enjoy a perfect lifestyle, we are putting up such rules of healthy lifestyle that don’t work anymore and everyone needs to check this.

8-hour Sleep a Day

There are studies from various universities published in famous journals that found out 8 hours of sleep a day is inevitable to life a healthy life. These studies added people who don’t get enough sleep die early. However, a recent study by American Academy of Sleep Medicine has proved 7 hours of sleep are enough for a person. The recommended hours of sleep suffice to gain strength and recover from a whole day’s work.

Heavy Breakfast 

So far we had learned that for perfect start of a day, we should enjoy a heavy breakfast. It was recommended to eat as much as you could and keep other meals smaller. But this doesn’t seem to be a case anymore. According to medical scientists food is only effective when your body needs it. So if you can’t have a breakfast, don’t torture your body and just drink any beverage or juice, if possible. 

Jogging in the Morning

Would you believe scientists don’t recommend any jogging in the morning for modern-day life? The studies conducted found out that a person’s body should be given at least 40 minutes after breakfast for any kind of jogging or such other activities. The old theory of jogging in the morning with empty stomach is not true anymore. 

Brushing Teeth after Every Meal

We eat so many things everyday and foods like picke, lemon, salad dressing and such others cause damage to tooth enamel. So prevent this problem, we were told to brush our teeth after every meal. But do you know brushing your teeth after every meal can make the damage worse? Often brushing teeth causes aching and bleeding of gums so just clean your teeth in morning and before sleeping.

Drinking 2 Litre of Water Per Day

Drinking 2 litre of water every single day is not a rule you should be following now. The recommended amount of water for human body is 30ml/kg and you must pay attention to the following factors; weather, humidity, and loss of water during workout. So only drink water when you really feel a need. You may also use tea, coffee and other juice drinks for water provision. 

Avoiding Sweets 

Avoiding sweets is not a good option at all. Sweets contain glucose that’s an essential element for brain functioning. Don’t eliminate sweets from your life at all. But minimise the use of sweets and obtain sugar from natural sources like fruits and vegetables.


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