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#6 Things To Gift To Your Makeup-Based Bae!

What could be the worst problem of a guy’s life?

Precisely apart from achi shakal, akal and naukri – we’re pointing fingers at their Ishq aur mashuki waali harkaat.  

To be honest, BAE is the best and worst problems with our desi mundaa’s. And there is nothing much officially done or written on this topic that can be useful. 

However, kaafii saaree tou ese hounge jo nahi maanein ge. 

But sadly, yea ek kadwaa such he. 

Hussan bina makeup k tou wese bhi nazar he nahi aataa. And agar aaiee tou kaafi ajeeb aur gareeb hota he. 

Anyhow, back to the pavilion. 

Guy’s if by any chance - you did fall for someone who is a total MAKEUP KI DUKAAN, here is what you can gift her to save your money. As well as, get extra brownie points from your bae!

Revlon Ki Makeup Kit Tou Love Hee Love!

Bus zara si lepaa thoopii tou bntii he. And if you want her to look extra classy – then Revlon is your bestie to capture a room in your bae’s heart. 

Christine Ki Foundation For A Fair ’N’ Lovely Bae 

Ladki  parhi likhi  ho na  ho – 

But goorii zaroor ho is kind of in-demand fashion of the 21st century in our country. 

Which obviously is backed a lot by our mothers and society ki doosri khawateen. 

However, if you too have the ehsaas-e-kamtrii on your bae’s saanwli salooni look and color - Then get her the foundation from  Christine to add more fairness to your life. 

Huda Beauty Ka Beauty Palette

Hayaa ko Hayaa ho na hoo but ousko Huda ka makeup zaroor chahyee!

Like seriously! This fashion blogger and makeup artist is an instant hot favorite of every other girl in town – that your bae will feel lucky to have set her eyes on you! 

Kylie Cosmetics Ke Matte Lip Kits

Kylie is famous for two things in her life. 

Ek – kapdoun ki tarhaan BF bdalne k lea

Dou – Pout k lea – You know that universal duck face. 

And we are dead sure, k your bae is a Snap chat, Instagram, Facebook, and twitter Heroine as well. So why not give her extra boost for those cringe-worthy selfies and buy her a Kylie Cosmetics key Matte lip kit? 

It won’t cost more than your three to four months of pocket money. 

Medora Ke Shushka

Eis brand k pass kuch ho na ho but eis ka shushka bohat he. 

Kuch khaas ho na ho but just like Nokia – this brand was a love of ’90s. 

And that doesn’t mean k eiski jawaani guzar gaie. 

It is still in fashion and women all across the globe like it instantly. 

So, don’t shy away from the purchase wala money and get your lady love a Medora Ka lip color or gloss or just anything for her.

Inglot Ki Saans Leti Huwi Nail Paint

Like name Like features. Halanke, just because of this mootii angrezi we got the hur dil favorite “Katoraee mein Ktora, beta baap se bhi goora”. 

But as luck would have it, we got our guy’s covered as becharee kia jaanein aub adrak ka sawaad? 

So guys get your bae to do nail art to stay fit and modern with help of Inglot ka saans leta (breathable) nail paint for a change!  

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