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7 Best Features Coming to Mac with MacOS Mojave

Recently, Apple released the latest version of its mac operating system and it was named MacOS Mojave. The previous version of MacOS High Sierra was a great lunch but the new MacOS comes with a lot of cool, exciting and most-needed features. Here are the best features mac users would love to have on their devices with MacOS Mojave.

1. Dark Mode

Apple never introduced a dark mode for its macs and it was a major concern for the users. It was a serious issue for the users to work late night with full brightness and it was detrimental in some ways as well. But thanks to MacOS Mojave that it comes with the dark mode and users will be able to enjoy the dark mode. To convert to the dark mode, users will find an option in System Preferences of their mac and it will work with all apps on the mac.

2. Stack Feature

It’s quite an interesting and useful feature for the mac users. With this feature, the desktop on mac will arrange and organise all the photos, screenshots, files and documents into neat little batches. There will be no more mess on the desktop. For example, previously the desktop scattered all the files, photos and documents but with new MacOS will provide everything in an organised manner.

3. Continuity Camera

Apple is best known for making life of its users easier with the best software features. In new MacOS Mojave, the users will be able to save a lot of time while working. Let me make it easy for you. If you are working on a document on mac and want to add an image, the new MacOS will automatically activate the camera. After taking the picture, it will appear in the document and the users can insert where needed. This feature works in most of the apps for work.

4. Better Screenshot Tools

Macs are thought to be hassle free and it’s true as well. In the previous version of MacOS, there were not enough screenshot features. MacOS Mojave will let the users record screen with multiple options like hiding the curser, setting timer for recording and quickly sharing the screenshots.

5. The New App Store

Apple has completely revamped App Store for mac users. The new version of the macOS will let users search and discover apps with more options. App Store will also show videos and articles so that the users can learn more about the apps. It will be instrumental in finding and installing the right apps for work needs.

6. Improved Security

Apple has always preferred security of its users with its software and hardware. The new macOS comes with improved security for apps. Now apps will require the user permission to use camera, contacts etc. Apple has also worked on its mac web browser Safari and it will prevent any further data collection by third party apps or websites. In short, Apple made Safari more intelligent than it was.

7. Smart Siri

Apple’s voice assistant will now work even better. The mac users will now be able to ask the voice assistant for password stored on the mac and it will help get those with ease. Previously, it was somehow a bit time taking process to find the saved passwords but now Siri will be doing all the work for you.

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