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7 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt in their Twenties

We were taught in our schools that health is wealth but we never realized how important this phrase was until we entered our twenties. Health is equally important with all other things and here are some habits everyone should adopt in twenties to reap the sweet in older ages.

1. 7-8 Hours of Sleep

We need to adopt the habit of getting seven to eight hours of sleep every single day. Multiple studies concluded that people who get less than seven hours of sleep a day die younger. While there are other studies that say getting more than nine hours of sleep every day results in form of many problems hence the scientists recommend seven to eight hours of sleep for a perfect and healthy life.

2. Cook Majority of Meals at Home

A study at Cambridge University discovered, people who cooked their own meal lived longer than those who didn’t prepare majority of their meals at home. Cooking food at home gives you more options to what to include in your meal and control the amount of ingredients. It also makes you learn better cooking in your twenties that turns out to be helpful in future.

3. Stop Drinking Soda

A research published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation found that drinking one or more soft drinks a day is associated with the following diseases: Obesity, higher blood pressure, greater risk of metabolic syndrome, and others.

4. Only Take Antibiotics When You Need Them

Antibiotics only treat bacterial illness and are not effective against viruses. The more you take antibiotics, the less effective antibiotics become for your body. And they will not be really useful when you actually need them.

5. End Creepy Relationships

Since life is short, everyone deserved to be treated well and right. All creepy relationships may have negative impacts on your health. A research published in Health Psychology journal stated women in happier marriages have fewer chances of cardiovascular problems. Another study at Ohio University found that body’s ability to relief is impaired when you are in stress. So it’s time to start a new life and get rid of all creepy people. 

6. Spend More Times with Friends

According to multiple studies, people with strong social circles, loving friends or family members turn out to be healthy and live longer. Moreover, on non-scientific level, love and friendships make things so much better. So why not spend more time with lovely friends and family members? 

7. Be Grateful

A study by Joshua A. Rash from 2011 says that gratitude interventions have positive impact on measure of well-being. So start showing gratitude to become happier and a more pleasant person in the society. 

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