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8 reasons: Girls who remain single for longer times are happier

Not all girls in this world are the same. 

Some may not like getting involved into a ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ relation. Others may have encountered bad relationship experiences or are seeking a break from dating as they feel flabbergasted. 

So, girls who choose to remain single for long periods of time are happier and here is why: 

1. They are contented with who they are and their seclusion

2. They have all the time and chance to be self-centered and emphasize on themselves and their life goals 

3. They don’t consider love as the lone center of cosmos and they have time to chase their dreams 

4. They are highly inspired and love living alone


5. They are happy of not accepting everything instead only allow people in a relationship who challenge them and motivate them to conquer the world. 

6. They surround themselves with people who are proud of them and their successes and do not want to forgo their plans for them  

7. They are strong from inside as they do not choose to lose themselves in loving someone else. 

8. They don’t need to compromise over their morals, hopes or dreams for someone else

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