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A New Episode of Celebrity Twitter War: Hamza Ali Abbas criticizes Rehman Khan’s Upcoming Book

Lately, Twitter has kept the Pakistanis entertained as we have seen back to back episodes of celebrity wars on Twitter, and Hama Ali Abbasi and Reham Khan are a new addition to it.

And Twitterites are thankful for this!

The latest ‘Celebrity Twitter War’ saga began when Hamza Ali Abbasi exploded the world of Twitter with a tweet in which he claimed that he had read the manuscript of Reham Khan’s upcoming book. As expected, he didn’t seem to be much pleased with the content of the book.

Regardless of the focal point of the tweet, Reham Khan was more interested to know that how on earth did Mr. Abbasi get a hand on the unpublished content of the book?

However, irrespective of the concerns of the Reham, Hamza’s tweet was enough to unbolt the twitter handles of the PTI’s supporters who bashed her for working as an agent of PML to defame Imran Khan and manipulate upcoming elections.

No matter which party is riding the truth ride and which party is swaying the lies swing, one thing is undeniable: Reham Khan’s book has definitely gotten free publicity, and she is thankful for that!

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