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A Revolution: Selfdriving cars with shared fleets

A car revolution is expected in near future. Presently, Lyft has also collaborated with various firms to facilitate autonomous vehicles. Additionally, it has been broadcasted by Fiat Chrysler that they would support the driverless ride-hailing service and endeavor to provide thousands of minivans for the purpose.

Mechanization companies are striving to form vehicles envisioned for ride-hailing convoy and are looking forward to sign a ‘shared mobility principles for civilized cities’. According to experts, introduction of self-driving cars is a smart strategy to cut-down the use of energy and ease urban cramming. They are also emphasizing over the fact that the success of these automation companies is associated with the autonomous vehicles over shared fleets only.   

These new success avenue have initiated many queries; can autonomous cars be permitted in densely populated urban areas, with a human driver being replaced with a software? Would people agree to have their own self-driving cars?

Mavens put forward their views about the forthcoming future that is expected to be loaded with cars which will be designed to pilot themselves. Hence, shared fleets will be of more use. Likewise, Manville said “There is a sustainability-based logic to saying that the benefits of these coming revolutions in auto mobility will be larger if the cars that come are more shared than privately-owned.”

The idea of saving energy and resources to secure a better environment can only be successful if shared fleets are used for autonomous vehicles. Owning an autonomous vehicle makes the trip quite economical and opportune compared to using services of ride-hailing. So, a more probable chance is that the company owned car is shared with other commuters.

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