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Aangan drama have finally come to an end and fans aren't getting enough of it!!!

 ARY, Drama serial Aangan have finally came to an end this Tuesday. It was one of the most trending drama these days that garnered much attention because of it’s amazing and practical storyline.

   The story captured many hearts and was very relatable for many house holds.

I followed the whole drama religiously. It was a master piece indeed. But the ending was quite abrupt. Adhoori si. I wasn’t satisfied.

Zoya and Aqdas was no where to be seen this whole episode but their act of unconditional love for giving their share to Zahid deserves a huge round of applause.Hajra bhabhi accepted her bahu Afrah but no such scene was shown. Layla accepted Asim's second wife  and that’s why Dada ji went and met Haseena. Shahina wasn’t shown this whole episode.Anila and that fasaad ki jar Shafeeq admitted their mistake and withdrawed from their stance and stopped asking for their shares even though there is no use crying over the spilt milk. Even a little glimpse of Rubbinah and Aalo wasn’t also shown that. Hence, the craving of the viewers wasn’t full filled. I felt connected to  every character through out these 35 episode but the end wasn’t enough.Sajjad Bhai death was a full stop for all the chaos caused by Anila and Shafiq but what happened afterwards to each and every character should have been shown.

I am not saying that the end wasn’t good or was unexpected. It was quite predictable and practical but their should be another episode showing brief details of each and every character so us fans can get our cravings tamed.The whole drama kept us wanting and waiting for more. As much as it made us laugh in beginning the last two episodes make us weep as well. The portrayal of every character was very good. Each and every character was well played. Such drama are rare these days.Mominah Duraid productions!!!a job well done!!!

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