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'Aangan' leaves behind major life lessons for its viewers

Finally! the much hyped and top rated drama serial Aangan came to an end this week, on a sad note, giving us major life lessons to learn from. Brilliantly scripted by Faiza Iftikhar and well-directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, Aangan’s storyline depicted the true essence of traditional joint families in Pakistan.

The drama featured some big wigs of the drama industry like Samina Ahmed and Qavi Khan who played the heads of the family as Daada Ji and Daadi jee. Among other cast members were Iffat Umer, Irsa Ghazal, Hassan Ahmed, Paras Badar, Mansha Pasha, Uzma Hassan and Waseem Abbas. Each episode was a balanced amalgamation of humour, suspense and emotions and kept us wanting more.

In the end, two of the six siblings (Anila and Shafeeq) demanded their share in the property of their parents and accused their elder brother Sajjad for seizing the rights of the other siblings on the property. Sajjad, who always wanted to keep the family united, could not bear such false and weighty accusation that was imposed on him and finally decided to divide the property among all siblings. The decades-old house and factory owned by the family was sold in order to divide the assets. In the meanwhile, Sajjad was extremely depressed and tensed because he never wanted the family to be  divided but could not express his desire openly,as a result of heart attack he passed away. 

His unprecedented death left everyone shocked and that’s when the siblings demanding division of the assets, realized the blunder they had committed in their greed and love for material wealth. Both of them apologized for their mistake and gave up on their right to property. It is when they lost their brother that they realized his importance and his valuable efforts in keeping all members of the family together.

Why is that we value people after they are dead? Aangan teaches us that we must value people in their lives and not after they die. Usually, in our society, we do not regard the efforts of a person while he is doing them. It is after we lose that person, that we realize his/her worth. Aangan teaches us to value and revere those who leave no stone unturned in keeping families united.

Valuing relationships over material is another lesson that the family saga teaches us. These days most of the humans have become materialistic. They are ready to give up even on close relationships for materialistic valuables. Brothers and sisters turn into foes when it comes to money. Aangan highlights the growing trend of materialism in our society and how it ruins the fine thread of relations.

Mainstream television possess the power to convey social messages to a wide audience and change their thoughts and perceptions. No doubt, Aangan was a great and rare production on the end of drama industry and has definitely sent powerful messages to its viewers via humour and emotions.

The ratings and feedback received by this family drama depict that Pakistani audiences are looking forward to such productions in future as well.

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