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About us by Jon Rance: A commendable romantic comedy

About us by Jon Rance features Rosie and Pete. It is a beautifully written story about their life, their love, about their marriage, about the bitter truth that results in an unsuccessful marriage and the choices that they both are forced to make. It is one of the finest narratives of all time as it has a flare of comedy, romance and emotions.

Rosie Willis is the mother of three who has been eerily impacted by the incidents around her which has caused her to develop negative feelings about her life and where it’s going. She is facing the most challenging times of her life; a terminally ill mother and a marriage falling to pieces. But things change when she meets widower, Mark Hornsby, who just happens to waltz in at the right time on the turning pint of Rosie’s darkest moment.  Mark is a breath of fresh air; he’s bubbly and scores high in the look department. 

As Rosie and Mark get closer, Rosie realizes that she needs to save her marriage and keep her family together. Rosie’s relationship seems to have developed well with Mark but realises she must be sensible about this and having an affair is out of the question, especially now with an ill mother. Pete however, comes with an alarming news that ruins her plans and therefore leaving her in a doubtful situation.

About Us is a beautifully poised book that would make you laugh, cry and recoil. It’s a must read that would keep you involved right from the beginning till the end. Each and every eccentric is beautifully described in an inimitable way. It is not only a romantic comedy to keep you up all night, but it’s a story that gives us a women in many roles; a daughter, mother and a wife, and having to deal with all of life’s obstacle and face challenges.

This book I feel would resonate with everyone, especially women like Rosie. She is all woman with a good head on her shoulders. Amidst the ocean of books, About Us by Jon Rance will thrill you with all sorts of emotions. An amazing narrative with some exceptional characters. This story is an amalgamation of love, hatred, fear, anger and joy; splendidly written in an innate style. Jon Rance the author of About Us is among the most commendable romantic comedy writers who transports readers into an imaginative but real and down-to-earth world, which makes great reading. 

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