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Adnan Sami Under Fire Yet Again! And, This Time In A Very Meme-Way Habibi!

Some people really love getting trolled and actually find ways and means to get all the attention they can.

 However, our ex-Pakistani singer Adnan Sami is not new to the troll factor despite having a soulful voice. 

He is one such controversial actor, singer, and composer who just wants to be in limelight no matter what.

 What with the current situation, and Adnan instead of showcasing peace as being an artist - tried to do things otherwise.

Or in seedhi angreezi - Bhai sahab shookhee honaa shuru hoo gaee.

He knows k Pakistani's hate him for ditching us for India, but bhai kya krein.? 

Ein ka tou bus kaam he baatein bnanaa. However, the recent reason for being highly trolled is also Adnan himself. 

Moukaa Dena Tou Koi Ein Se Seekhe. 

Nevertheless, this guy gave Pakistani awaam a full-on segment to showcase their creativity.

 No wonder we love to respond to him so well.

 See here for yourself!

This Is Not The Only Tribute He Got Mercilessly. Here Is More To Adnan Sami Trolling!

And If You Thought That Irony Couldn't Laugh ---- Think Again!

Zubeda Appa Bhi Apna Totkaa Bnaa Gaieen?


Haw Haeeaeee Aur Bhi He Ein Ki Shaan Mein?

Furthermore, If You Thought That Adnan Would Have Stopped - Then Think Again.

Bhai ein ko chup krana mumkin he nahi blkee bohat namumkin he.

 Oupar diee sare k sare memes ka jawwab yeh he ein ki tarafse.

Afsoos bnda nahi bntaa! 

And Despite All This, Here Is What We & Imran Abbas Think About On The Same Lines!

Nevertheless, if you thought this befitting reply wasn't all and that Adnan might have had learned his lesson, then you're wrong.

 As so far it shows that Adnan will keep on doing so, insulting his own country for things that aren't anything but materialistic.

 Magar Pakistani's did give him some of the best responses in history so far! 

 What do you think? Write to us in the comment section and share your thoughts.

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