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Ali Zafar Sues Meesha Shafi for Rs 1 billion in Defamation Case

The internet went into a frenzy two months ago when Pakistani pop sensation Meesha Shafi accused fellow Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar for sexual harassment. The news came as a shock for the fans as well as the industry as Ali is well know for his kindness and humbleness throughout the world.

Meesha Shafi was thought to be a very close friend to Ali Zafar and they even collaborated together several times.

It was a shock when Meesha Shafi took to her social media account during the #MeToo campaign to reveal how Zafar, a father of two children, had misconducted physically with her on multiple occasions.

The allegations for sexual harrassment were not easily digested by Ali Zafar who took to his social media account immediately to deny all these allegations.

The Pakistani entertainment industry then split into two halves; one half supporting Shafi whilst the other supporting Ali Zafar. It seemed like majority of celebrities were supporting Ali Zafar by highlighting his humble, gracious nature.

Meesha has been uncharacteristically silent ever since then about the matter but it seems like Ali Zafar is not done with all the defamation. Today, Ali Zafar sent a legal notice to Messha seeking damages of 1 billion rupees for defaming him and trying to sabotage his reputation with false claims.

It will now be interesting to see how Meesha Shafi reacts to the legal notice.

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