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All that glitters is not gold! Jugan Kazim reveals intense details about her previous marriage

When we look at celebrities, we aspire to be like them. They seem so happy in their lives – gleeful, traveling the world, enjoying perfect relationships and living the dream life. But is it really what it seems like? Many a times we hear stories about celebrities that give us goose bumps because we wouldn’t ever expect them to suffer – let alone go through something as worse as physical abuse. But as they say, all that glitters is not gold. Everyone has a story to tell and stardom does not make you safe from harsh realities of life.

Jugan Kazim is a Pakistani host, actress and model. She is best known for her appearance in the song ‘Sajni’ by Jal. She is currently the host of morning show on PTV and has been doing so for years. She also made a few appearances in some Pakistani dramas alongside mainstream actors including Aisha Rao Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Mikaal Zulfiqaar and Faisal Qureshi.

Recently, Jugan sat down for an interview with Samina Peerzada for her show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’ that airs of Peerzada’s official YouTube channel. Looking as beautiful as always in a white and turquoise plain kurta; Jugan talked about physical abuse that she suffered in her first marriage. This was the first time she has talked about it so openly.  

Jugan was always a rebellious child and had a disturbed childhood when her parents divorced whilst she was very young. This made Jugan psychologically unsure about herself and made her do things that no other normal girl her age would do. She wanted to become an actress always and aspired to be so since her school days. She took part in several theatrical plays at school as well and went to Canada to kick start her modeling and acting career at a very young age.

She briefly returned to Pakistan to attend her brother’s engagement ceremony. This was when she met her ex-husband and instantly sparks flew on both sides. They got in contact, met once and got married secretly within 7 days of meeting. This whirlwind romance and marriage was just another of the many rebellious acts of Jugan. Her family rejected the marriage but she stood by her decision, blinded by love. Things however soon began to change a great deal.

It was just 3 months after the marriage that her husband first raised a hand at her. This happened once, twice, thrice and then eventually became part of the routine. The physical and verbal abuse persisted even when she was pregnant with her first child. Her husband accused her of infidelity and questioned the parentage of their first child. He even refused to get her medical help at time of delivery which led to great blood loss and led both the mother and child into a very critical condition.

 Laying in the ICU post her delivery, this is when Jugan decided to escape the nightmare for the good of her child. She never looked back and finally got divorced from the cruel man.

Her family accepted her back. She got her life back together by putting all messed up pieces into place. She revived her career, lost weight and got healthy again and eventually was doing well in her life. This is when she met her now-husband Faisal through a mutual friend. Her son was 9 years old then and she was not looking for a partner but her well-wishers really wanted her to settle down.

She reveals in the interview how it was nearly impossible for her to trust any man again after all that she had been through. But she found love, home and a stable family after her wedding to Faisal. He has not only given Jugan a home but has also showered her soon with immense love. The couple also has a son.

Now Jugan is finally in a good place in life. She has her own YouTube channel, her morning show is very popular with the masses and she has a beautiful family with a doting husband and two adorable sons.

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