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An amazing erotic illustration: Sweet Pursuits by Pauline Wiles

I always look forward to reading books by Pauline Wiles, especially after reading the "Saving Saffron Sweeting back" in 2013 and Secrets in the "Sky being her second". I have always enjoyed her sweet and quirky romantic story-lines that are highly entertaining and full of laughter. So if you’re waiting for another amazing romantic comedy then your wait is over because another one is here. 

Sweet Pursuits features Bella Beecham who is crazy about baking and has spent her six delight-some years with her love Owen. Bella’s amazing baking talent earns her tons of interest from people; and is lucky to have a bunch of friends who are in love with her cuisines. Bella’s tasty treats has a perplexing affinity on Owen’s friends which somehow disrupts his intentions.

Bella works at Trewe where she is required to collect information on prominent or wealthy alumni. 

Bella is a multi-talented girl who has the power to impress people with her magic of baking and empowering Trewe with her professional capabilities. But she never realized it because she was in love with her Cambridge graduate flatmate Owen Rigby. Bella’s major focus was to get back Owen in her life as she has been truly in love with him without considering the fact that Owen doesn’t have similar feelings for her. 

Owen has numerous qualities too, that makes him popular among others. People are in love with his gorgeous personality, well-educated background and much more. 

Bella and Owen have been living together for six years while Owen was completing his Ph.D degree. 

Bella has a strong grip on Owen, and shows possessiveness. However, Owen is not all that serious about her and just have intention to remain in her good books until he completes his studies. The moment he finishes his studies he is offered an opportunity in California that he grabs with both hands, leaving Bella alone and stranded. 

Bella was expecting to tie a knot with Owen but unfortunately he proved a despicable and mean person who used her for his personal benefits. 

This story outlines a different aspect of love by forcing Bella question her own self that why is she chasing someone who is not at all reliable? This story will make you realize that it’s important to love yourself first before seeking revenge on your soulmate. It was nice to read Bella spending great time with Owen and managing not to lose her charm and beauty, despite of all the disappointments she had to face. 

Author has portrayed Bella as a strong, committed and career oriented girl who is much choosy in her preferences. It is a treat to see Bella re-discover the true meaning of love. 

Sweet Pursuits is a novel that reminds the reader how precious our own self is and  true love doesn’t needs to be chased. 

Surely, Pauline Wiles is a great author with a distinct taste who believes in  illustrating light-hearted women’s fiction with a blend of comedy and romance to keep the reader engaged throughout. 

You can surely enjoy sweet pursuits with a great cup of coffee with your favourite snacks. 

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