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An open letter to my daughter any mother can relate to!!

Dear Momminah,

         When you were born I was just in awe when I looked at you. When they first placed you in my arms you snuggled right into my heart.Just looking at you I feel the blissfulness. Your being add light and sparkle to this world. You are the most beautiful and intelligent little girl I know.

     Days passed into weeks,weeks into month and months into years now MashaAllah you’re a little pre schooler who love to go to school.Trust me baby you make this world a better place to live in.

    Baby girl you’ve seen me at my best and you’ve also seen me at my worst. I can’t promise to be your perfect mom but I promise to make sure that you are perfect just the way you are. I will never let you wander alone ,I’ll be there for you always.    

      I’ll strive to raise you to enjoy this Life and little things in it.i I hope you’ll appreciate. I’ll teach you never to let anyone bring you down. I’ll make you understand your self worth.

     I don’t know what’s the journey ahead of us. I don’t know what life will bring us but trust me my precious I’ll be there to listen, I’ll  advice you and challenge you to be better.

          Remember I’ll never let you down. Trust me we’ve got this.


                          Your Mama!!


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