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Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli viral video: costs the victim.

Environmental concerns have increased over the past few years due to very obvious reasons and these constantly increasing concerns provoked Anushka Sharma too, into scolding, or say, bashing a guy named Arrhan Singh for throwing plastic on the roads from his car. 


Some people supported Anushka Sharma in her "keep India clean" message which was quite clear in the video attached above, but some posted extreme criticism over her dialogue with the "victim" and much aggression towards Kohli's video which did not make sense especially when the bashing was already done beforehand; embarrassing a person and publicly identifying him in the negative light did not seem to support the video going viral.

However, to his carelessness, Arrhan Singh made it clear by apologizing on his Facebook post but also replying to Anushka and Virat for their insensitive behavior. Despite this apology, Arrhan Singh's company, 'Anaahata', is facing severe negativity and hatred over his irresponsible behavior of littering around, refuting the fact that he is an educated man. One of the hate comments on his page reads “Padha likha owner jo road pe kachra fenkta hain”. 

This incident shows how a celebrity or public figure can ruin one's identity and personality too. However, the big names of the two stars did not stop Arrhan's mother from taking her defense for her son to instagram:


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