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Anxiety- I exist


I am Anxiety and I creep up at 12 am exact. If you don’t agree, well wait for the clock to strike 12 at night today. If you’re asleep, we can’t be friends. If not, you can’t run away! And oh don’t bother telling people about me. For them I am non-existent!

“Can’t Sleep”, Seems to be the talk of the town after 12 am. And the conversations seem to get heavier and heavier after every passing hour. I know people more than the light of this world does. The brutal truths, the confessions, the fears, regrets, the lies, the secrets, they think they are strengthening their friendships, relationships, enmities etc. Well, what do they know? It’s a trap. It's all a TRAP!

I’m here to share my grief. I do all the hard work but insomnia gets away with the trophy why? WHY? WHY? WHY? Your heart’s racing, your brain is polluted, your body is shivering you think you are insomniac? Darling that’s anxiety. Have office at 9? College at 8? The child might wake any second? Oh look it’s a message. You’ve got to talk now! Well you have to and that too about me!


But hey, I mean no harm to you and I certainly mean no pills for you. Tired of staying up? Tired of carrying their and your baggage? 

Well, take my advice and eat proper food, hydrate yourself. This may seem dull and boring but it works like that first sip of the morning coffee- aahh!! Exercise. Take a walk, without your phone! Stay away from the screens, yes, YES you can!! Reduce the caffeine intake, take a deep breath, eat more greens, and stay away from out of the box food. It’ll do wonders for you, your sleep, your skin, your energy level, EVERYTHING! 

It hurts to see you like this, I mean it. Give this routine a try and don’t make my temporary stay a permanent one.  


Anxiety- I exist.

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