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Apple’s iOS 12- Everything You Need to Know About the Exciting Update

Apple on June 4 released the most recent iOS for its devices. The new iOS comes with a number of major upgrades, tweaks and focuses more on performance. As promised, the US based tech giant has delieved what it promised. When it comes to the release date and availability of the new iOS, it will be launched in September with new phones when Apple will hold a major event. 

As the new iOS comes with a good number of updates, here is everything you all need to know about it.

Improved Performance

Apple vowed to improve the performance of its devices through a major update and the new iOS is all about performance and speed. With the new iOS, the devices will launch 40% faster, the apps will experience 30% improved performance and it will also reduce the time taken to launch apps. In short, Apple has done a tremendous job by releasing this update that fixes all major performance issues in iPhones and iPads.


Apple has confirmed that the new iOS 12 will be compatible with all devices supporting iOS 11. So the users of even older devices, no later than iPhone 5S, will enjoy the new operating system. 


The new iOS has a number of cool features that make it quite an exciting updates and among these include the new features for photo app. With this update, the photo app will have more options to search, find and discover images. There is another feature of “For You” and it will compile all the best photos for the individual users.


Apple worked on the new iOS to improve the default apps as well. The news app in your devices will look even better with this update and will have a changed and better interface. Moreover, the stock app will also show and bring news and headlines related to business. 


This is for the first time that Apple has introduced a new feature called Memoji. With this feature, the users will able to do live recording of their expressions, words after selecting hair and skin color with an effect. This will transform the way we use Emojies on your devices. 


Apple’s voice assistant has been improved with a number of new tweaks. Siri got even smarter with this update and will not let the users find their lost keys.

Screentime App

Apple has been talking about how to help its users reduce their iPhone use and screen time. Now the company has delivered for support of its users and introduced an app named as Screentime. With this app the users can monitor their screen time, time spent with the device, the time they spend on other sites and app and will help them reduce the phone use in order to focus more on their health. 

Final Thoughts

Apple promised to improve the user experience and performance of its devices with the new iOS and it has delivered what it promised. iOS 12 will make the devices run faster, app launching will be quicker, Siri will help the users in a lot of ways, it will be possible to FaceTime with 32 people at a time and Animojis will be available in form of Memojis. iOS 12 will be available for the users in September when Apple launches new phones every year.


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