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Ask yourself these 10 questions to know if it’s true love or just a desire.

If you are wondering that whether you are truly in love or not, here we have a Love Litmus Test that will help you sort out your confusion. 

When one is in love, it’s the spring season of their life with beautiful flowers blooming and lush green grass swaying with the wind and the world seems to be a better place to live in. The heart feels lighter and happier with great hopes arising for a bright future ahead. 

“Fancy turns into love when spring arrives” is an old saying that actually has a truth behind it. Every generation has a distinct behaviour with cultural norms varying in every part of the world. Today, young people are not much likely to keep a romantic relation with the intention to marry as it was a trend in older times. 

So, new romantic relations confuses a person that whether it is true love or just a desire. For some people, this difference does not matter much but for others it may be much serious and painful. 

When a person is obsessed with his or her partner, it may appear as true love for some time but in actual it might not be. 

Here is the Love Litmus Test with a list of 10 questions that you may ask yourself and figure out whether you are into genuine love relation or desperate infatuation condition.   

1. Are you and your partner equally tied up in this affiliation? Are you both on the same boat in terms of seriousness and intents about the relationship?

2. Do you totally trust your partner and you both care for each other in the same manners?

3. Does your relation raise your spirits and brings the best out of you? Does your partner treat you with the same sympathy with which he/she treats him/herself?

4. Is your lover clear about your visions and embolden your powers, while minimalizing verdict of your flaws?

5. Do you feel keyed up, not flabbergasted by your relation and feel that you have progressed after being into this relationship?

6. Is the relationship firming up with time? Is trust and empathy developing in both at equal pace, even if the world require you both to be less seen together?

7. Do you have a feeling that you are growing as a soul and your perceptions developing? Do you feel more poised and buoyant?

8. Does your relationship boost feelings of affection and closeness that persuade you to form new networks with people around as a couple?

9. How do you feel after spending time with your partner? Shattered, hollow or invigorated and supported?

10. Does your relationship gives you a feeling of fulfilment and make you satisfied with less or no need for any other supportive association? Does your association influence you to explore new prospects for commitment with life, acquaintances, and inter/intrapersonal development?

"Instant love” and “love at first sight” are signs that a new being has elicited an intuitive response within you, and due to the primitive nature of response, it feels like a life-changing affair. True love usually begins with a tidal wave of instant desirability and its power enhances over time like the waves in the ocean evolve. 

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