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Atif Aslam comes in the limelight after singing Indian song at Independence Day Parade in New York

Recent Entertainment News in Pakistan has highlighted the eccentric act of the renowned Pakistani singer and heartthrob, Atif Aslam during an Independence Day Parade for Pakistan, which was held at the Big Apple in New York. Although the vocalist has rendered a great deal of success to the Pakistani and Bollywood entertainment industry through his incredible vocals and inspiring passion for music, the Pakistani media has brought him under scrutiny after he sang one of his Indian song: Tera Hone Laga Hoon from the film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani that was released in 2009, starring the Bollywood actors, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

Most of his fans despised the singer by labelling his act as shameful and senseless, even saying that this debauched execution of talent in New York was done for commercial purposes only. The situation left the social media ablaze and urged some loyal fans to preposition a boycott against Atif Aslam and his music, as they dreaded the severity of Indian content as our top trends.

According to the Entertainment News, Aslam also faced backlash from fellow Pakistani singers like Muhammad Ali Shaikhi who thought it was inappropriate to sing an Indian song at an event that was alleged to mark the Independence Day of Pakistan and proposed the need to sing national and patriotic songs on such occasions. However, he also said that “The era of hatred and differences has now ended” and it was an oversight of the whole situation because it was possible that Atif may have sung one of his own songs on request.

Nadeem Jafri, another Pakistani singer said that it was inappropriate to sing a song particularly from a country with which Pakistan has a contentious relationship. However, much like the popular phrase “Love trumps hate”, most of the fans emerged out on social media as defenders of his act. While some say he must have sung the song on request, others argued that art is art and music is music and they are boundless so should not be labelled as Indian or Pakistani.

The singer himself also responded to this heat over social media by thanking his fans for supporting him and responding wisely to fake propaganda as he said,

 “Simply love my haters. The green flag is my identity.” 

He took a different take on this issue by hoping that in “ Naya Pakistan people learn to respect those who have made the country proud world over.”

The entire social media dilemma also questions our loyalties towards Indian music all year and a short-lived love for patriotic songs only in the month of August. It sheds light on the negative judgement of patriotism and faith which after being wrongly portrayed comes off as the easiest form of propaganda. Moreover, as Pakistanis, Indians and Bengali's were also in attendance at the NYC Pakistan Day Parade, some say that the whole crowd was swooning along to every song he sang and thus a Pakistani artist was gaining immense popularity and love from India. Critics of this backlash on social media focus on the appeal that we should rejoice in our cultural similarities, neighbouring music industries, moving away from pre-existing hate in order to relish and appreciate the entertainment that our Pakistani singers work so hard to give us.

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