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Bakhtawar Bhutto vows to take legal action against film-producers for Benazir's biopic

Social media has been buzzing from the time when the Punjab Nahi Jaungi star Mehwish Hayat veiled a biopic of the assassinated PPP leader, Benazir Bhutto over Instagram.

While the newsflash of Mehwish Hayat playing the role of former prime minister blew-out like a forest fire, Benazir’s elder daughter Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari professed the idea “absolutely unacceptable” and declared to take legal action against the film-makers.

 “Surely no consent from her Benazir’s existing successors or children was pursued. Absolutely unacceptable and we will be taking legal action against it,” expressed Bakhtawar in a tweet on Friday evening.

To this, Mehwish replied saying, “To clear up the viral stories, this project about your great mother is at very initial phases and can’t and will not be done without the agreement of your family. I am sure that the crew working will seek Mohtarma Benazir’s family’s approval soon before they progress further.”

The actor further added, “In the meantime, as an artist, I am doing as much research as I can regarding my actual idol. Regardless of any movie, I would love to meet you sometime soon and learn more about her.” 

In a former Instagram post, Mehwish confirmed that she is preparing to play Benazir’s role in the upcoming movie. As she disclosed “I am honoured to have been given the chance to study and learn more about Benazir’s life.............”

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