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Benefits of being happily married!!

Well! life changes when you get married specially in our Desi world. You instantly transform into a responsible adult who have responsibilities and decisions to make.

  Ups and downs are a part of it.You fight and argue with your spouse on the other hand can’t imagine  life without him/her.

  Here are a list of things that are a benefit from your married life

•    You have full time cook and maid who’s salary is just your attention and love.

•    You are never bored,your spouse is always their to annoy you.

•    You start owning your personal ATM and driver.

•    There is nothing that belongs to one of you, everything you own belongs to both of you.

•    You have a person who can buy you snacks at the middle of the night.

•    No more listening to your mom saying, “beta ,shadi Kay bad shoq puray karna.”

•    You always have a shoulder to cry and rely on.

•    You can get any advice 24/7.

•    There is always someone to console you.

•    You gossip together.

•    You find a partner in crime.

•    You nag each other all day.

•    Fights always end and there is someone to make up to you.

•    The best part is you grow old together.

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