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Beydardi Drama on ARY digital is highlighting the taboo of HIV and AIDS

Baydardi is a drama serial that is breaking all stereotypes. It is the first ever drama serial to air on a Pakistani Channel that bravely talks about the hush hush taboo of HIV and AIDS.

Baydardi stars Affan Waheed and Aiman Khan in the lead roles as Shafay and Biya respectively. The story revolves around these two characters; Shfay who is a HIV positive and Biya who becomes HIV positive after she marries Affan’s character in the show.  

Whilst Affan’s character Shafay is believed to be very pious and decent, he is friends with a guy who is a womanizer and drug addict. Both pals share a flat in their college days. Shafay’s friend is often seen using his blades for shaving in the morning. Shafay eventually falls out of his friendship with him and gets married to Biya.

Shafay is tested positive for HIV prior to his marriage with Biya but both of them are unaware of the reality. Only Shafay’s mother knows and she believes her son has committed adultery. To hide her son’s sins and to make sure he gets happiness in the remaining part of his life – she fulfills Shafay’s wish to get married to Biya.

However, after a few months of marriage Biya finds out she is pregnant and also HIV positive. She is in shock and feels betrayed. However, Shafay’ mother blackmails her to keep her mouth shut against her son.

This drama is challenging the taboos of the society and is openly talking about brave topics like AIDs and HIV. A very important thing that is being shown in this drama is that AIDS is not only a result of sexual intercourse but also can be transferred from one person to the other through blood contact.

The cast of the show includes Bushra Ansari, Affan Waheed, yesteractor Behroz Sabzwari, Aiman Khan and Sana Fakhar. The cast has repeatedly talked about how this drama is highlighting a very important social cause and is playing a crucial role in spreading awareness.

Kudos to the entire team for choosing such a bold topic in effort to create awareness in the society.

You can catch this drama on ARY digital every Monday at 8pm PST

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