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Big Fat Indian Wedding: The Ambani Power Show, Distasteful Extravagance & Coachella in Udaipur

As wise man once said, money is power in its most liquid form, and the Ambani family is the living example of a giant-sized kitty that can hoard up all the star power in the world to light up their billionaire bash. From the American political elite and Bollywood royalty, to the goddess supreme Queen Bey herself, the Ambani Wedding brought Coachella to Jaipur with an ostentatious round of wedding ceremonies. 

Last month has been all about weddings, starting from the much anticipated #DeepVeer affair, followed by the annoyingly never-ending #aineeb, and #nickyanka, perhaps the only wedding that we adored. The Ambanis have put to shame the extravagance of all these overly publicized affairs, or any other wedding ceremony in the history of grandeur for that matter! 

The wedding was an exuberantly sumptuous affair and the tackiness was so overpoweringly effusive-the guest list alone leaves the head spinning for a few minutes. Clearly, the Ambani’s have billions to spare. They practically embellished and decorated the entire expanse of Udaipur for the pre wedding festivities to celebrate the marriage of their daughter, Isha Ambani, with Anand Piramal. 

The event was held the lavish Oberoi Udaivilas, and the Ambanis entertained their high-profile guests with a unique flair for pomp and luxury with a separate Swadesh Bazar, a Manish Malhotra pop-up store and a great deal of more annoyingly extravagant amenities. Reports suggest that over the weekend, more than 200 chartered flights flew in and out of Udaipur just for these pre-wedding festivities. The Ambani have truly stunned the world with a billionaire bash that puts crazy rich Asians to shame. 

The show was started by Nita Ambani herself, who made a classical Bollywood-style performance in front of a giant-sized aarti, very much bringing to life the true spirit of Paaru’s mother from Devdas.

 All three of the big Khans were present at the event, and they even managed to rope in Salman Khan to perform a series of his old dance numbers. What’s more surprising is that they got the most powerful Khan of Bollywood to perform as a background dance for Anant Ambani. Now, it is perhaps more fathomable to believe that money can truly buy everything! 

Shahrukh Khan stole the show with a round of exciting performances, and later came back on stage to dance with his wife, Gauri, who never performs at any event. But when the Ambani’s seek entertainment, all the Bollywood royalties obliged to put on a good show. Ashwariya and Abhishek Bachchan were also spotted, dancing rather awkwardly to their hit number, Tere Bina, from Guru. 

You’d think that bride and groom of the season, Deepika and Ranveer, would be luxuriating on their honeymoon, but no-they simply couldn’t afford to miss out on the most high-profile party of the season. 

It was even more surprising to see Priyanka Chopra, the desi girl who just got married less than a fortnight ago, also engulfed into this power cortex and even roped in for a grand performance. 

The Ambani influence didn’t only suck in the Bollywood royalties, but in fact, it included a rather high-profit and posh guest list. Former US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and Beyoncé Knowles were also shipped in to make the grand affair more pompous.

The most uproarious performance was undoubtedly when the entire Ambani clan took to the stage and performed a surprisingly well-coordinated performance on GUJJU from Kal Ho Na Ho. At some point, Isha Ambani put on a bizarrely fascinating dance performance that honestly seems more amusing if you regard as it as a funky laser light show. She was also joined by her husband to perform a heavily choreographed, romantic dance performance that left us creeped out with its cheesiness. 

Once the powerhouse entertainers of Bollywood, including tragedy maestro Karan Johar, had exhausted all their talent, the stage was cleared for the grandest of all performances. Beyoncé performed some of her greatest hits, and left her Indian fans heartbroken by attending a private wedding function and yet denying them the joy of a public concert for decades. 

After the pre-wedding festivities were over, which seemed like an eternity, this big fat Indian wedding took Mumbai by the storm to celebrate the nuptials of Isha and Anand, held at the Ambani family residence, Antilla. 

The event was attended by the crème de la crème of Bollywood, including Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Rekha, Madhuri Dixit, Deepika Padukone, the Bachchans and many others. 

Many Indian political bigwigs were also in attendance, including former president Pranab Mukherjee, Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, and Home Minister, Rajnath Singh. Priyanka managed to bring Nick along for the nuptials, and Indian cricketers, including Sachin Tendulkar and Harbajan Singh, also made it to the guest list. 

The Ambani residence, Antilla, was decked up into an exuberantly fluorescent and magically luminous display of fairy lights and floral decoration. Twitteratis have attacked this flamboyant and distasteful affair for its tackiness, and it appears that the Indians are bubbling with anger at this hideous display of wealth and power. What has angered them even more is the nonchalant obedience of their beloved Bollywood stars, while the remaining inhabitants of this planet are all wondering about how much money the Ambanis really have.

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