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Big Sexy Love by Kristy Greenwood: A great romantic affair

Big Sexy Love by Kristy Greenwood is a deep romantic comedy featuring the exemplary bond of friendship. This splendid piece of writing illustrates the transformation, self-discovery and determination of a young loner girl Olive Brewster; while her visit to New York in quest of fulfilling her closest friend’s last wish. It is one of the best picks with a perfect mix of comedy, heart-warming romance, touch of sexual chemistry and friendship.

Olive Brewster is a girl in her twenties working as a fishmonger in United Kingdom. She lives with her only brother and his girlfriend in the old family home. Olive and her brother ended up alone after their mother shifted to France with her new love and later their dad also fled to Scotland. Olive is a content person who is deeply in love with her safe and quiet routine; happy with her profession and had never felt the need of a boyfriend. Birdie - Olive’s best friend with a completely opposite personality is an important part of her life. She is a live-wire, always chasing adventures and having affairs but sadly she is dying.

As her last wish, Birdie wants Olive to track down her ex-love in New York and deliver him a letter. Olive, who has never left her comfort bubble is torn between her preferences and best friend’s dying wish. Nonetheless, the love for her friend dominates and she flies off to New York to experience the first ever madcap adventures of her life. During her journey she bumps into Seth Meyer, a cocky comedy TV writer who considers her a joke; travels through Manhattan and Staten Island with Anders, a bored socialite in search of Chuck. Although Olive has taken this challenge; will she be able to bravely face the trials, overcome her fears, get positively influenced by her travel mates and rediscover her hidden abilities?

Big Sexy Love is a hilarious, entertaining and heart-touching book that is sure to convulse you in a sea of emotions. It is great piece of reading because of the chemistry of its lovable characters that would keep you engaged till the last word. It is gratifying to read the beautifully captivated dynamics of love and friendship. 

Olive is an exquisite, devoted, amazingly witty and sharp-minded girl who relives herself and transforms into a different person.

This book will hook all kind of booklovers specifically the ones who have an unusual drive for eroticism, adventures and humour. The author’s magic of artistically phrasing Olive’s adventures makes it one of the best illustrations of time. It is an amazing and mesmerizing story where seeing Olive grow and discover her veiled nature with some quirky characters is the awe-inspiring.

The story has an irresistible plot with a flash of silliness, fun, deep emotions, courage and faith written in an innate style. 

The author Kristy Greenwood is among the most praised writers who is gifted with the art of indulging the readers profoundly. Her great collection of writings also include yours truly and one kiss in Greece. 

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