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Biryani, Urdu, Lahore - Mickey Arthur’s Love for Pakistan

Mickey Arthur is the head coach of Pakistan Cricket Team and has helped Green Shirts win ICC Championship against India. He has proved himself of great significance for the Pakistan team. In a recent interview with Geo News, the Pakistan team coach expressed his love for Pakistan.

“I am impressed with Pakistan’s culture and how the players respect each other. I come of a country where such nothings are rare. Guys in Pakistan team are brilliant and their values and morals are high.” He also talked about safety in Pakistan and said he had never felt threatened or afraid in Pakistan. “I have felt a lot of love in Pakistan."

When asked about Urdu learning skills, he told he has learned “Pani” water and “Shukria” thank you and a couple of words that can’t be expressed on TV, he laughed while answering. He also expressed his amazement and love for the city of Lahore. 

“Lahore is a very multicultural city. I have not gone out as much I should have but there are a number of really good restaurants out there.” He revealed he loved Biryani and had eaten a lot of Biryani. He also advised the boys in Pakistan team to avoid Biryani because it’s not too good for health. 

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