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Braid your long hair into a killer style!

Are you fond of ponytails but tired of ordinary one? The new zigzag stitch braided pony is classic and the ultimate style for your long hair.

How to make a zigzag stitch ponytail?

  1. Form a zigzag part over your head: Begin at the point of your hairline above the middle of your each eyebrow and create a middle section.
  2. Apply gel to the hair of the middle section you created: Make a braid with natural hair and add extensions along for a heavier and longer ponytail covering your head crown
  3. Carry on braiding equal sections of your hair till there are five braids from one ear to another: Each section must be wide at the beginning and narrow down as it gets closer to the crown.
  4. Tie your braids in a ponytail: To keep your braids safe from the hair on the lower section of your head, gather all and secure them with an elastic band.
  5. Braiding the bottom section of your hair: Divide the bottom section of your hair into three equal parts following a zigzag pattern and braid each section upward in a way that it meets the big ponytail above.
  6. Sealing the hair tips: Dipping the braids in hot boiling water will help disentanglement.
  7. Securing the ponytail: Use two ponytails from the bottom section for wrapping around the higher one. Try keeping one braid stacked over the other. You may use hair pins where necessary.


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