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Can Sitting Less contribute towards Better Health?

Are you looking to lose weight and working out regularly but not getting the desired results? Here we have an effective solution to all your weight issues. 

Working out alone isn’t enough for us to achieve good health. We need to consider several other factors that help us to achieve better health. According to an amazing study of separate physiological effects, incidental activities such as standing up can have positive effects on our bodies. Most of the people consider that regular exercise help us to maintain good health. 

The United States exercise guidelines suggest that at least 150 minutes of exercise every week can help to reduce risks of numerous diseases and can ultimately help to increase life span. These recommendations mean 30 minutes of exercise daily. This exercise should be tough to accelerate your heart rate and makes you gasp slightly for breath. 

In a 24 hours’ day, did you consider how much time you spend just sitting idle? Different stats about how we spend our time suggest that an office worker spends almost 10-11 hours sitting on a chair. These long stretches of sitting result in variety of health concerns such as high risk of diabetes, obesity and poor cholesterol profiles. If you are an office worker and seeking to maintain good health, here is a perfect solution for you. Instead of logging 10-11 hours in a single chair, try working while standing. 

Companies have realized that employees’ health is important to them thus several workplaces offer standing points for employees. If your office doesn’t offer such a facility then there is nothing to worry about because you can just walk around for a few minutes after every hour or two.  Although regular exercise can significantly reduce all such health risks but we still need to find different ways to sit less so that we can remain healthy. 

According to a new study by the researchers of Maastricht University in Netherlands  several groups of men and women were asked to tip up their lives for a little to contribute towards science. Among the group, 61 adults weighed normal and were generally healthier while others were overweight and diabetic. The interesting fact was that no one exercised regularly. The scientists invited the group to university to test them for various indicators of cardiac and metabolic health, including insulin resistance and cholesterol level. 

This group of individuals were asked to spend 4 days in the chair with the exemption for bathroom breaks. The next four days, they were asked to spend at least one hour cycling or working out and rest of the time in a chair. The last session of four days entailed them to work out one hour and stand or walk for 5-6 hours. In all three sessions, cardiac and metabolic health indicators were recorded. 

The study proved that moderate exercise improved endothelial and cardiac health. While standing up had a more noticeable and positive effect over metabolism. 

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