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Careem Increases Ride Packages Because Of Taxes!

Pakistani car ride providing company Careem is in talks because of increasing package cost for the riders. 

However, this is basically based on the increase of taxes by the Pakistan government on every business and so forth.  

"Ghabrana Nahi Hai" 

This is the latest marketing slogan by Careem marketing team. 

And, yes this does give an idea to the "Gareeb Awaam" that fare is increasing. 

And will continue to do so - provided if the taxes remain the same or increase because of the latest IMF deals.

5% Taxes & Prevailing Inflation Made This 

Closing eyes, and trying to see beyond the veil is off for the companies like Careem. 

The new packages are formed to meet the taxes. 

And, these are risen by an amount of 100R.s per package. 

Here are the latest packages shared by Careem:

  • 3 rides for Rs. 249 (14 days)
  • 6 rides for Rs. 449 (14 days)
  • 10 rides for Rs. 649 (14 days)
  • 20 rides for Rs. 999 (30 days)

What Else Changed?

In the latest packages offered by Careem, you do get a discount of Rs. 120 on every ride. 

These are also applicable to most of the ride types offered by the company. 

But, that being said only the 30-day package is going to give you good value of money. 

Which was obviously something we all got used to in the previous packages. Here are the oldden&golden packages for daily Careem riders:

  • 3 rides for Rs. 180
  • 6 rides for Rs. 340
  • 10 rides for Rs. 480

Let us know your thought on this increased fare. 

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