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Changing eating habits is easy, “said no one ever”.

It's not a piece of cake to change your eating habits. However, if you are looking for some motivation to lose some weight then the motivation lies within you. Everyone wants to look fit and healthy, though it is not easy to give up on your food. Well it's not too late; you can take baby steps and achieve your goal. The question is whether you want to be a size zero or starve yourself till you fit into that 10-year-old dress. Your goal must be something which is realistic and achievable. Keeping your goal practical and simple is the key. 

Taking baby steps will eventually lead you to your goal. Starting your fitness journey off with a strict diet is the unhealthiest way to do so. The goal is to be healthy and fit, not making you unhealthy and sick.  

  • Start with portion control. Within a week your body will reduce its cravings. 
  • List all your healthy habits such as fruit, water intake, calcium intake and double down on it.
  • List all your unhealthy habits such as junk food, calories, sugar intake and cut down on them.

Further taking the following measures will come in handy: 

  • Instead of eating frying items, eat baked items.
  • Eat skinless chicken
  • Eat fish once a week.
  • Use low fat version of sour cream, butter, salad dressing etc.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Our body is a temple and maintaining it is a responsibility. We need to adapt discipline in our lives. Some healthy habits are to always read labels on food before buying. Tracking your intake is vital, however, the most crucial factor of all is exercise.

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