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Darzi problems every lady faced this Eid

Since its been only few day Eid-ul-fitr has passed after a hectic and physical exhausting month of Ramadan, Eid is the ultimate reward that Allah Almighty blesses all Muslims. It is a time when all Muslims, not only in Pakistan but all around the world, dress up in new clothes, meet with loved ones and family members and enjoy gatherings full of food and love.

In Pakistan, Eid has one other meaning for all the girls: NEW CLOTHES! Girls normally obsess with clothes and anything to do with fashion all year but Eid is most particularly a time when getting a new dress with all matching accessories to dress up on the actual day and look prettiest amongst all cousins is an obligation for Pakistani ‘larkiyaan’.

So with Eid experience still fresh,Ladies still remember the tailors -the busiest people in the country for nearly ten days. They are in high demand in the last days of Ramadan and why shouldn’t they be? For us girls, our ‘PERFECT’ Eid look depends on them getting our dress ready in time. But Eid and Darzi have a notorious reputation. These people are never kind and have all sorts of excuses to make. We know some of their ‘bahaanay’ by heart now.


One of the most common excuses that not only these tailors but practically everyone has been using in Pakistan for a long time now is – LIGHT NAE ARAE! You can’t argue with a tailor who is sweat-soaked and is promising on dear life that your suit is already cut out and all – but there just hasn’t been light so it couldn’t be stitched.

Excuse 2: Suit Apki behan k size ka cut gaya hai

What is the worse news your tailor can give you near Eid? Your tailor tells you that your dress is ready but it has ‘mistakenly’ been cut into size that fits your sister instead of you. So now your sister has two dresses for Eid and you don’t even have one - God Forbid! First the dress has been ruined and now your sister gets it! Your Eid is already down the drain.

Excuse 3: Baji, Subah mil jaega

This has to be the most cliché excuse of them all. When you ring up your tailor or show up to his shop to claim your dress, he keeps telling that you will get it tomorrow. You have been hearing that for every day for 2 weeks and now with Eid just 2 days away, you can only cling to the last thread of hope that you will get it in time.

Excuse 4: We can’t find your dress

So the shop is jam packed with customers and you show up to be one in the crowd. That is fine. You will wait 5 minutes or may be even 10 minutes but the only thing you need is your suit with you at home that night. But the tailor has another story to tell you or may be the ultimate excuse: We cant find your dress. I mean, why do they even say that? How can you even say that, man? It is a suit worth 6500 rupees from the latest Eid Collection by a reputable brand and you can’t find it? But hey, don’t worry! They have it with them, safe and sound. They are only saying this to buy time. Surprise, surprise!

Excuse 5: We lost the description details you gave for the design

What a beautiful day would it be that you turn up to your tailor’s shop and your dress is ready to be dispatched. It doesn’t seem less than a miracle. But let’s wait. Pakistani Darzi and so perfect? Not a likely combination. So the dress is surely ready but it doesn’t look a thing like you wanted. The tailor apparently lost the design details and hence, came up with his designing for your dress. BUMMER!

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