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Did Shahwar And Mehwish From Mere Paas Tum Ho Actually Do What Everybody Is Thinking?

ARY Digital's  "Mere Paas Tum Ho" is in news for all the wrong reasons. 

Out of all, the best-making headlines have been if the main leads actually did do what the episode on Saturday the 12th showcased or not.

Didn't get it yet? Let us tell you in more detail. 

Woh Pehli Baar - Jub Humne Mehwish Ko Apne Boss K Saath Daekha!

The thing is jub se this drama has been on the air, we have been totally confused with what it wants to showcase and how will it actually raise a good point. 

Danish is shy and a madly in love character. 

On the other hand, his wife Mehwish is totally opposite. She loves money and can go to any length to stay happy with her beloved money. 

She instantly got attracted to a married man and started taking his gifts as a giveaway to her beauty. Yanni k ese jese k shradhanjali dii ja rhi he. 

Anyhow, Back To What Is Making Rounds!

So now the latest episode got us gasps! 


Mehwish was found on a one-day date with her boss, sleeping the same room wearing the silk nightgown.

 And, yes the pat he did on her back was also not shunned by the character. 

And, Finally, Our Gaeeratmund Awaam Couldn't Let This Sink In

Don't believe us? Check out below!

See This Too!

Wow For This Reaction

Mutlub K Bus Kuch Bhi????

This One Too Comes With Same Expressions?

So, have you watched the latest episode of Mere Pas Tum Ho yet or not? If not - check this link and let us know what you think. 

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