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Did We Hear That Correct? Is Shehbaz Sharif Stealing From Marks & Spencer?

Recently our ex Punjab minister got stuck in a stealth issue with Marks & Spencer because of a Pakistani fellow. See below treat for yourself:

This Was Pretty Hilarious Though

Because the brand also took notice immediately. Not sure if they took the call seriously or were actually just playing around.

And, The Rant Went Further

There Is More Fuel 

Aur Kuch Loug Bura Maan Gaye

That's again hilarious as these guys need to take note of the fun factor but lgta he political feelings zayada strong hein, so here we go with them

And Some Tried To Frame The Supporters With A Smile

Another funny pact was that people started taking sides immediately and with neat political viewpoints being different.

Lol At Marks & Spencer

The brand continuously took the free advice and here is what they said

Tera Kasoor Hai Na Mera Kasoor

Without getting involved n any dirty politics - we honestly think that our Ex Punjab minister can't be doing any such funny or corrupt acts. But, on the second hand - did you check that hat? We did for very obvious reasons. 

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