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Dil Pe Pathar Rakh Ke Munh Pe Make Up Karliyaa - India Ne Phir Pakistan Se Breakup Kar Lia

Yeah, so you’ve read that correctly. Pakistan and India are back to the blame game and what with threats of war etc are also used against each other. The recent Pulwama attack is the reason for this serious allegation against Pakistan from India. However, it doesn’t mean that we Pakistani’s are quiet.  Let us tell you more in detail with highlights from the past two-and-three days. 

What Happened When And Where?

This condemnable and horrific act took place in Pulwama. It is a town and a formal regional committee in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. About 40 km away from the summer capital of Srinagar. The "Anand of Kashmir" was ht heard and the terrorist attack did shock both nations to the core. And, we as human beings declare war against terrorist attack. 

India Was Quick To Blame Pakistan 

Mutlub k kuch bhi krke Pakistan ko tou blame dena he. No investigation has been done yet - but Indians are sure that it is Pakistan who did this activity. Like seriously?

P.M Imran Wasn’t Late In Addressing Either 

Yes, our beloved PM did take all the time to give a sound response to the allegations and threat by India. Awein hee maa sadkaey nahi jaatii. If we look at the media, they are surely making it like Imran did threat Indian governing bodies. However, Imran didn't do anything as such. His main focus was to open a dialogue and investigate the matter. 

Even Kangana Ranaut Didn’t Shy Away From Making A Statement!

According to the Manikarnika star, Pakistan needs to be destroyed ASAP! And, she is being acknowledged by the Indian citizens and badly trolled by the Pakistani nation. Why did you do this Kangana? We used to like you! But, NOT ANYMORE! 

Hamza Ali Abbasi Also Responded Savagely To The Indian Allegations

Now our national heartthrob and pyaare-Afzal was quick to address this and stated that Indian media is playing the blame game nicely and need to stop saying things below the belt and be ready to accept humanity and terrorists from a different angle. It is high time that we do resolve our differences now!  And we truly agree with Hamza!

Jeremy McLellan Also Inquired About Why India Is Being Such An A**!

And, yes we didn't disappoint him - told him that whatever goes wrong in India is without hichkichahat blamed on Pakistan unfortunately. And Jeremy is like enjoying the situation and trolling the Indians after such stupidity! And we couldn’t disagree with Jeremy’s humor! Go, Boy!! We Love You! 

Sidhu Is Terminated Because He Supports Pak

Mere saiyan ji ne aaj mujhse breakup karliya is what the Indian cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu is singing these days. He has been banned from the Kapil Sharma comedy show after his comments on Pulwama attack made rounds on the media channels.  The poor chap was just supporting Pakistan. And his statement was not pointing any fingers but telling the truth. 

What Do We Have To Say?

Humanity is above any religion, individuality, and gender. Terrorists aren’t humans and they don’t follow any religion. Not even Hinduism supports the killing of innocents. So India, grow up! Together we both countries can actually defeat terrorists. And the blame game will never take us anywhere

#SayNoToWar #WeCondemnTerrorists #PakistanIsNotToBeBlamed #IndiaThinkAgain

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