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Does Desi ghee makes you fat???A millions dollars question!!!

Refine oil is being used at our home on daily basis because people think that desi ghee is fattening.

Hello!! Breaking News, people!!desi ghee doesn’t make you fat. Infact ghee is fat and fat doesn’t make you fat. Confusing? Well let me clear it up for you. By nature ghee is known to break down fat due to it’s chemical structure that is the reason why it can’t be fattening. It is a saturated fat but not like transfat.

Its unique chemical structure helps fat to move stubborn areas of body. Desi ghee also known as clarified butter can be used during your weight loss journey.It contains zero chelostrol and melts with in the body temperature.

Desi ghee is full of nutritious benefits which many doesn’t know.It is said that it can prevent cancer. It is best known to oxygenate and lubricate joints.It contain a good amount of antioxidants that make it a perfect anti aging therapy.

Lactose intolerant people can also enjoy it’s goodness as it doesn’t contain lactose. By using pure fresh cow milk we can make it at home which is the best possible way. So guys, enjoy your desi ghee parhatay and tarkay but don’t forget to portion control as too much of anything can cause disturbance.

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