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Does Europe's New Data-Protection Law Brings a ray of Hope?

They wanted to experience the pleasure of living in two worlds, but not by ripping their actual world. They wanted to give voice to their opinion, but not to be manipulated by the global minds. They had a desire to escape from their world, but not to encounter the even more terrible world. To their dismay, this is what they are facing...everything that they did not want to experience!

The enchanting world of social media doesn't seem to be as mesmerizing as it used to be! With the eruption of social media user data scandals like Cambridge Analytica, a London-based data-mining firm which was accused of illegally lifting Facebook profiles of tens of millions of users to sway the U.S presidential elections, people are baffled of their treasured virtual world being breached. Gradually, but finally, people have started realizing that actually, they have built their oh-so-cherished virtual world at the stake of their real world - which is crumbling under the burden of their activities on social media.

This issue was understood by EU back in 2016 as it proposed data protection rules when it found that cookies are no more some yummy biscuits, and they are a bait to rob you of your private online data. After negotiation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was accepted after the consent of various institutions of EU, and finally, after two years this regulation has been activated as of May 25, 2018.

GDPR is more than what it buzzes - a data protection regulation, as it not only brings personal data protection laws in sync with the changing landscape of the online world. In fact,  it also empowers users to get a hold on to their data which was being snatched before right under their nose. Users'online available information, including their names, bank account information, location and contact information are not now the open property of big companies. They can know who has collected and on what date has been picked on them and they can even ask to delete the data.

Well, the implementation of GDPR is like a wave of relief for social media maniacs. There is now a hope that they might get back their enchanting social media world with even more additive charms and tints!

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