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Ehd-E-Wafa Made A Stunning Debut - And We're All Set For Episode 2

Ehd-E-Wafa has finally graced our TV screens with all the glitz and jazz. 

This TV serial is a joint venture of ISPR and HUM TV Network. And, don't even say - but we love the hype that surrounds it. 

Initial Thoughts

There is so much that you need to see and know. 

However, the best part is that we finally get to see something apart from the usual rootii-dhooti khawateen over their zalim shoohars or susral walee. 

And, this serial turns out to be a breath of fresh air added with a taste of mint. 

The Star Cast Is Stellar!

With numerous teasers and hype, this was not something hum miss kr jaatee. You'll see 

  1. Ahad Raza Mir
  2. Osman Khalid Butt
  3. Ahmed Ali Akbar
  4. Wahaj Ali
  5. Zara Noor Abbas, and 
  6. Alizey Shah  

You'll Also Meet Zoro - The Handsome Retriever 

Zoro is a pet character of the main lead, Ahad Raza Mir. And, is quite famous and izzat wala as per his owner's remarks at the end of the first episode.

We kind of loved how the caretaker speaks about him. 

Initially, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor is the proud owner of Zoro and has graciously lent him to the casting team of Ehd-E-Wafa. 

Closing Thoughts & Excitement!

 So far it is is just the beginning. 

We aren't able to make any +ive or -ive comments yet. 

And, let's see what does the second episode unfolds. 

Let us know if you did get to watch Ehd-E-Wafa yet or no - and if you liked it? 

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