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Entertainment News: Nepotism on the rounds!

In every industry whether it is politics, entertainment or sports, the phenomenon of nepotism prevails. This term is derogatory in its literal meaning, however can be subjective depending on every individual. Nepotism has been existing in every part of the world since a time unknown, however just nowadays, it has been doing the rounds in the news following certain events and happenings. 

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter’s entry into B-TOWN through VOGUE’s cover photo enraged a lot of people and attracted a lot of criticism and attention at the same time. Some claimed it to be a product of partial favouritism and preference, rather than based on talents and individual capabilities. This news has been in the talks in all entertainment news sections of Pakistani media, American and Indian Media. This is just one example, there are a lot more that might go unnoticed on a larger extent but do occur. Many anti-nepotism claims have been made throughout the social media by bloggers and people too, however these do not seem enough as nepotism is increasing day by day. 

Bollywood’s legendary deceased actress Sri Devi was a huge success in the BollyTown, but now that her daughter Jahnvi Kapoor recently made a debut in the Indian movie titled Dhadak, arguments against her have floated all across the internet and have been moulded into bashing rather than constructive criticism. This criticism is based around the fact that since  they are children of huge stars they easily get lead roles in huge projects, rather than supporting roles.

Both Hollywood and Bollywood have elements of nepotism to some extent. In Hollywood, the auditions space is more open with agents, talent process and then the selection of actors. Every new actor is given a chance every year on the merit of their auditions. Yes, favouritism exists even then. However, we do see actors every year landing on plum areas who have no or less relations with anyone in the industry. On the other hand, in Bollywood the auditions process is not trustworthy at all and is merely a game of star kids allowed. Many production plants claim that they give new actors a good debut for a start, but that’s not necessarily true in all cases. 

Many actresses and actors have raised their voices against nepotism. For example, Tapsee Pannu has also claimed to have gone through nepotism and that the star kids have taken the spotlight away from them by their presence and that their limelight fades away with time. Kangana Ranaut has also been active in nepotism debates further raising awareness that such instances have created a barrier for the new talent to be noticed and given a chance!

This happens all across the world and is not just limited to India or Bollywood but in the entertainment section of Pakistan as well, nepotism traits prevail. 

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