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Explore these Five Picturesque Valleys & See why Pakistan is the Most Adventurous Travel Destination of all Time

Pakistan has emerged on top of the list of the top 20 adventure travel destinations for 2018, created by the British Backpacker Society, and we Pakistanis are not the least bit surprised. The rankings also include Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, India and Turkey, and the backpackers encourage other travelers to explore Pakistan, describing it as “one of the friendliest countries on earth, with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination”. 

It feels incredible to see other travelers appreciating the wonders and magic of my land, but I am not surprised to see Pakistan leading the rankings for it is a country laden with adventure, excitement, rowdy mountain cliff routes, killer snow-capped summits, enchanting cultures and customs, and of course, some of the most glorious nature walks to rejuvenate the soul. 

I’ve created an exciting round-up of wanderlust hotspots that should be on everyone’s bucket list, whether you are a Pakistani or a foreigner, these exalting Pakistani destinations will beguile your senses and make you feel alive like you’ve never felt before. 

Are you ready?

5. Chitral 

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One simply cannot talk about the adventures of Pakistan without bringing up Chitral at least a dozen times. It is the wild wild north-west of Pakistan, a mountainous region packed with rowdy mountain cliffs, daring death-racer jeep wallahs, and an abundance of treks and nature walks to explore the splendors of the Hindu Kush range. Gol National Park should be on top of your list of activities as it will introduce you to some of the rarest wild animals of the country, and you can end your day luxuriating in the natural hot springs of Garam Chashma. 

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Kalash Valley, also situated in Chitral, will open up a new cultural dimension with its striking diversity and charm. It is home to an ancient indigenous tribe that follows a different religion, an ancient form of Hinduism, languages and cultures, and it will leave you stunned with the exotic traditions and lifestyle of the people. Just don’t forget to take a dip in the Kalash River, the locals have created makeshift swimming pools along the banks so there’s nothing to worry about!

4. Mansehra

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Manshera is one of the largest mountainous districts of the KPK province of Pakistan, and it is laden with picturesque valleys and mountains that are offshoots of the grand Himalayan range. It engulfs a great many scenic routes, valleys, and treks, along with a powerful prelude to the historical ruins of Hindu empires, Ashokan inscriptions, century old temples and a lot more. 

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Aside from the mainstream and common Kaghan Valley, Manshera is the home to a great many mountainside adventures. For instance, Siran Valley, trek to the Shiva temple in Barari village, Musa ka Mussalla, Makra Peak, Manoor Valley, Siri Paye meadows and many more. Unlike the more challenging adventures of the Karakorum, Manshera offers a much easier terrain for beginners and families. 

3. Nagar Valley

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The existence of Nagar and its abundance of snow-capped peaks is the reason behind the beauty of Hunza, which is nothing but a series of viewpoints to feast your eyes on the peaks that originate in Nagar. 

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Heading out to this gorgeous expanse of lush greenery, spectacular nature walks, glaciers and an abundance of local produce will introduce you to some of the most challenging peaks and basecamps of Pakistan. Both, beginners and experts are strongly recommended to excite their sensibilities with the adventure-packed Rakaposhi basecamp trek. 

2. Haramosh Valley

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, ditch the Karakorum Highway and set out towards Haramosh Valley, exploring a seriously steep and narrow road with dangerously exciting drop-offs. It requires some serious driving skills to make it to Haramosh Valley, a breathtakingly scenic valley located in Gilgit District.

The valley is laden with picturesque lakes, spectacular glaciers, rugged mountains brimming with aquamarine, an abundance of trekking opportunities, and of course, the opportunity to witness an avalanche. If you’re planning to undertake this super-thrilling journey, you are strongly advised to consider trekking out to the Kutwal Lake or Laila Peak basecamp. 

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1. Galiyat Region-Murree

For the low-key travelers who’d rather not venture far, the galliyat region, starting from Nathia Gali, is filled with an abundance of adventure and the peace of the wilderness. There are a great many nature walks and treks that allow you to feel rejuvenated, and we strongly recommend you to check out Miranjani trek, a gloriously invigorating journey from Nathia Gali to Abbottabad.

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